Scariest Movies of All Time

A list of horror films for everyone


Browse some of the scariest movies of all time and find a great gift for movie lovers. There are plenty of good horror movies here. Our list of horror films contains nearly 100 top horror movies, B horror movies, and Asian and Italian horror films. Whether he's a John Carpenter or Dario Argento fan, or he just can't get enough of the Hammer horror films, you'll find a cool gift for him on this page. Zombies, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, sharks, serial killers, and even the Devil - a smorgasbord of terror for your shopping pleasure!

First, let's spotlight the movie generally considered to be the scariest movie of all time - The Exorcist. There are several versions of this film available on DVD, and we picked the one we consider to be the very best. With extra scenes that weren't in the theater, it's even better than the original release.

Here's our complete list of horror films, hand picked and carefully evaluated. Please read the descriptions of each one and decide for yourself if it makes a good gift for him.

So there you have it! That's our list of the scariest movies of all time, just the ticket for any discriminating horror fan.

Did we miss one of the scariest movies of all time? Want to add it to this list? Go to top holiday gifts and submit your pick. Tell us all about it!

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