Scariest Movies of All Time: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

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Entertainment weekly says this is 'One of the 20 scariest movies of all time.' The way the film is shot, much like a documentary and without a lot of special effects, creates a disturbing feeling that stays with you long after the film is over. It seems very real, and was inspired by true events from real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. For those who are numb to zombies, ghosts, and ridiculous levels of gore, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is all too real, brutal and unsettling.

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This movie is kept me quiet while watching, eyes glued to the screen and my throat dry with shock. The plot is very straightforward but never boring, especially the beginning and ending parts of the film.

Henry, played by Michael Rooker, is a seemingly normal guy who takes out his frustrations by killing random victims. The body count is escalated when an ex-convict named Otis (Tom Towles) teams up with him. In one scene they smile as they record a vicious double murder with a camcorder so they can enjoy it later.

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