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We went looking for the best electric shaver. We read product descriptions of mens electric shavers, reviews from satisfied and disgruntled customers, and did some general research.

Know what we found? The choice of a "best electric razor" is a personal choice, and there is no clear winner.

But we do have some great information for you, and a short list of the best electric shavers on the market. So read on.

The first question to ask yourself is, "What's his skin like?" Does he have

  • Normal skin?
  • Sensitive skin?
  • Bumpy skin?
  • Acne?

If he has skin issues, keep those in mind when looking for an electric shaver.

Next, we look at a few key properties of the razors themselves. There are two key choices that are especially important.

  • Wet/dry shavers vs. dry shavers
  • Foil shavers vs. rotary shavers

With a wet/dry shaver, the shaver can be used on wet skin or dry skin. The electric shaver is cleaned by rinsing it with running water. A dry shaver is only used on dry skin - contact with water can cause electrocution.

A foil shaver is a shaver with 1-2 heads, with blades covered by foils. A rotary shaver typically has 3 floating heads that rotate and pivot according to the contours of the face. Some people prefer a foil shaver, others prefer a rotary shaver.

I can tell you from personal experience that when a foil begins to fail, it can have sharp edges that stick up. I've cut myself on foil shavers before. Since I started using a rotary shaver, I've never cut myself with my electric shaver. This is the main reason for my personal preference of a rotary shaver over a foil shaver.

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