Norelco Electric Razor

Best selling electric shavers in the world


A Norelco electric razor is an excellent gift idea for him. Norelco makes one of the best electric shavers in the world. This is the brand of cordless shaver that I use. I doubt I will never switch to another brand.

Philips, the company that owns the Norelco brand, is number 1 in sales of electric razors globally. They've been making electric razors since the late 1940s. Beginning in 2005, Norelco products were branded as "Philips Norelco". It is unclear if the Norelco name will ever be phased out completely.

Norelco razors have three individual floating heads. These follow the contours of your face to get the blades as close as possible to your skin. They also use a "lift and cut" technology, which uses two blades to shave. The first blade lifts the hair, and the second blade cuts it - resulting in a very smooth shave.

These shavers can be rinsed right under the tap, making the cleanup very fast and easy. The blades are supposed to be replaced every 12 months, but can often be used longer before replacing.

All Norelco razors come with a 2 year limited warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. So check out these Norelco shaver reviews and pick one. It will make an excellent gift for him.

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