Seiko Watches for Men

Find a diamond, gold or dive watch he'll treasure for years


These Seiko watches for men are great gifts. Seiko mens watches are known for their high quality and good value. We've selected some of the very best and most highly rated ones to show you here, saving you valuable time in your search for cool gifts for him.

Seiko Mens Watches - A Helpful Guide to Seiko Watches for Men

Here are some tips to help you select a watch from the many Seiko watches for men available. Many of the words in these descriptions may be unfamiliar to you, so we've defined some of them here.

Automatic or Kinetic - a type of watch that doesn't use a battery. It is self-winding and gets power from arm movement that occurs during normal use.

Coutura - a very upscale and dressy line of Seiko watches for men. Most of these are too nice for everyday use.

Perpetual - the watch includes a perpetual calendar that automatically adjusts the date from one month to the next, and even accounts for leap years.

Case and Bezel Materials

On Seiko watches for men, cases and bezels are typically made from stainless steel or brass. Stainless steel can be colored using a variety of methods.

Band or Bracelet Materials

The band or bracelet can be made from stainless steel, rubber, fabric or leather. Most dress watches use stainless steel or leather bands. Everyday watches can use bands made of stainless steel, fabric or rubber. Dive watches typically use rubber or stainless for the band.

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