Best Movies of All Time

Action, adventure, comedy - it's all here!


Our best movies of all time collection will help you find a great gift for him. We've picked some very cool movies from modern times and years past. You're sure to find something great here.

So what do we mean by "best"? This is not a list of movies by a bunch of uppity film critics. No, these are movies that are meant to entertain men. Instead of "chick flicks", these are "guy flicks". That's why we include Arnold Schwarzenegger films here. Arnie isn't a spectacular actor, but he makes great films that guys love!

How'd these movies get on this list? Simple - these are movies that guys love and want to experience again and again. We talk about them with our friends. We laugh, we cry (even if we don't admit it), but most importantly we experience the film instead of just watching it.

If you disagree with a movie that's on this list, too bad! If you want to add one that you don't see here, head over to top holiday gifts and submit one. I'd love to see your suggestions. Make sure to start your submission with "Best Movies of All Time:" (without the quotation marks) so I know what page it should go on.

Movies on DVD make an excellent present. Most are less than $25, which makes them suitable for just about any occasion. Use our list of great movies to find one he's gonna love.

Pay attention to the format, though. It seems like everyone has a DVD player, but some people haven't moved up to Blu Ray yet. Don't buy a Blu Ray movie for someone who doesn't have the right kind of player.

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