Scariest Movies of All Time: The Exorcist

by Cool Gifts for Men

The Exorcist is generally considered to be the scariest movie of all time. It's a terrifying film. Stories are still retold about those who saw it in theaters in 1973 - stories of people screaming out of their wits and fainting in their seats! This is the version you have never seen before.

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An innocent girl’s life dramatically changed when her body becomes the plaything of an evil spirit. Her mother is unable to help her and is terrified. Despite being an atheist, the mother is so desperate for help that she calls an exorcist to help her daughter. Two priests come to the aid of the little girl, bravely risking everything - even their own lives - just to get rid of the demonic possession.

This new version has more scenes that weren't shown in theaters. Scenes that give the movie better continuity, and add even more terror to an already frightening film. If you're bored by slasher films and want to see something truly scary, you can't do any better than The Exorcist. Get it!

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