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Dave from My Gift Ideas for Men

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Hi, my name is Dave. That's me in the picture.

I love to give gifts. I'm (usually) very good at giving my family things that they love. I really enjoy that feeling of knowing my gift made someone happy. That makes me happy, too. I actually enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them.

My family always had a hard time shopping for gifts for me. They never knew what to get me for my birthday or for Christmas.

I realized this was a common problem - that coming up with gift ideas for men can be difficult. I decided to start this web site to help solve that problem.

I want you to find a gift he'll love. I want you to feel the joy of giving him a wonderful gift.

Why is it so hard to shop for men?

Sometimes a guy can't give you gift ideas for himself because he doesn't know what he wants. If you are asking for ideas from a man and he doesn't give you any, that's probably why.

Other times, a man knows what he wants - but he doesn't want to ask for it. For instance, if a gift is expensive, a man might feel selfish asking for it. Of course, he would love to get it if you gave it to him! Or, if he asked for something and didn't get it, that might be a little awkward. As guys, we know sometimes it's better to just keep our mouths shut.

There are certainly other reasons, too. I can't speak for all men everywhere. All I can do is help you find a present that he will love.

My gift to you

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I love making it.

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