Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

From guns and swords to pregnant man, we love this guy!


For men, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies have an almost universal appeal. His action movies keep us wildly entertained with gun battles, explosions, and classic one-liners. His comedy movies are hilarious, in part due to his thick accent. There's a special place in our hearts for this gun toting, death defying monster of a man. That's why he gets his own page on this website.

Arnie had a great career as an actor before moving into politics. Most of his movies are excellent, though predictable. Who cares if they are predictable? That's not important! What matters is that they are hugely entertaining. Like getting on a roller coaster, they thrill and excite you. His one-liners make you laugh.

His action films cover the fantasy genre with the Conan movies and Red Sonja. He also has several that are science fiction and futuristic, like Total Recall and The 6th Day. Wherever there is action, there is Arnie.

Many of his movies cost less than $10. These are great, inexpensive gift ideas for men. They also make great stocking stuffers for men (if the stocking is manly enough, that is). So browse his movies and pick one up for your favorite guy. He'll thank you for it, and it's way cooler than getting him a tie!

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