Braun Electric Shaver

One of the Best Electric Shavers Available


A Braun electric shaver is a popular choice for shaving. According to their website, Braun is the number 1 selling foil shaver brand worldwide.

There are several Braun shaver models available. Braun call their models "Series".

  • Series 7 - top of the line model, designed for the closest possible shave.
  • Series 5 - for problem hairs in the neck area
  • Series 3 - for minimizing skin irritation
  • Series 1 - simple (and cheap) shavers

Series 3, 5 and 7 offer the Clean & Renew ™ system. This is a stand where he can put the razor when he isn't shaving, push a button, and it gets cleaned automatically. The base also charges the shaver, and the cleaning fluid acts as a lubricant. It's a very simple, no hassle system.

They also have a "mobile" series, for men who need a touch up shave in the afternoon. The mobile series razor can be cleaned simply by running it under water. This razor is powered by two AA batteries.

Braun electric razors have been around since 1950. That's more than 60 years! They have many fans, and they are one of the best electric shavers you can buy.

Take a look at some of these Braun shaver reviews and see for yourself.

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