Wahl Shaver

Customizable Shaver for Sensitive Skin


A Wahl shaver might be the foil shaver of choice for him. According to some reviews, the Series 4000 shaver is an excellent shaver for sensitive skin. The reason is that it comes with 3 different foils, for different levels of closeness when shaving. This shaver has a number of fans.

The other currently available electric razor is the Wahl 5 star shaver for bump free shaving. This one does not have three different foils, just one gold foil. Gold is supposed to be hypoallergenic.

Wahl does not offer a rotary shaver.

Note that unlike many other brands, these shavers are not wet / dry shavers. If it falls into the water, just let it go. If you reach into the water to grab it, you risk electrocution.

Reviewers had a lot of good things to say about shavers made by Wahl. Here are some of the reviews.

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