Remington Electric Razors

Mobile, foil and rotary shavers


Remington makes a reasonably good shaver. Remington electric razors have been around since 1937, when the company created its first dry shaver.

Remington electric shavers come in both the foil shaver and rotary shaver styles. Their foil shaver is the Remington MicroScreen shaver.

Their rotary shaver is the Remington MicroFlex shaver. They also offer a compact shaver option, which is a foil shaver.

For both foil and rotary types, the Remington titanium shaver is the premium - or at least higher priced - type of shaver. Titanium is used in parts of the shavers, which is supposed to add some type of benefit. The company's web site and product descriptions are vague on exactly what benefit you get from titanium.

Remington (the company) has changed hands a couple of times over the years. They were purchased in 1979 by Victor Kiam. You may remember those commercials with a man saying, ""I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company." Today the company is owned by Spectrum Brands (formerly Rayovac), which owns a variety of brands including Black and Decker. Spectrum Brands is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Despite their broad range of products, reviews have not been as good for Remington shavers as for other electric shavers. At this time, there are only two products with enough good feedback to feature them on this page.

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