Panasonic Electric Shaver

A Great Mens Electric Shaver


A Panasonic electric shaver is a good choice for a gift. Panasonic shavers are the foil shaver variety, not the rotary shaver kind.

Panasonic razors offer an adjustable pivoting head, which tilts to adjust to his face. This helps to get a clean, close shave while avoiding razor burn.

Like most other modern cordless shavers, the Panasonic is a wet/dry shaver. It is cleaned by rinsing the foil and the blades under running water.

Replacement foils for a Panasonic electric razor can be somewhat expensive - an important point to keep in mind since they should be changed every 6 months.

One nice feature of these shavers - many offer a quick charge option. That's nice if you need to shave and don't have a full hour to wait for a complete recharge. They also have a low battery indicator and charge status lamp.

Overall, Panasonic makes a great mens electric shaver. If he prefers a foil shaver, this is a good option.

Many electric shaver reviews on recommend these Panasonic shavers.

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