Scariest Movies of All Time: Pet Sematary

by Cool Gifts for Men

Stephen King has created another macabre masterpiece with Pet Sematary. In the film, the Creed family moved to another home to start a new life. Little did they know that they are now living beside a mystical Indian burial ground that has the power to reanimate the dead! Dead creatures that the children bury there return to life, but with some sinister differences.

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Unlike typical slasher films, Pet Sematary builds its tension with actual storytelling, atmosphere, and characters. Many horror films require a lot of effort to suspend your disbelief, but Pet Sematary tells a story that seems almost believable. This makes it easier to relate to the characters, empathize with them, and share their experiences. That's why it's scary - it feels like these things could happen to you.

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