Scariest Movies of All Time: Rec

by Cool Gifts for Men

This movie doesn't use cheap effects like gory make-up and blood spatter to create terror. It scares you with things dark and unseen. There are fewer special effects compared to other movies, but the 'monsters' are plenty scary with the spine-tingling noises that they make in the dark while you can't see them. When these creatures finally reveal themselves, they just might horrify you even more. There are lots of scenes here that made me jump back in fear, and hope the characters would run faster.

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A TV reporter and her cameraman are at a local fire station when a call comes in asking for emergency help. The news crew decides to come along with the firemen to cover what seems to be a routine rescue. But when they hear strange and unsettling noises coming from behind a door to an apartment, they realize something really horrible is inside.

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