Scariest Movies of All Time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

by Cool Gifts for Men

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shocked a lot of people when it was first shown in 1974. It redefined the face of horror, adding a lot of morbid and sickening humor. It was criticized and even banned in some areas, but this added to the film's notoriety and made people want to see it, if only to see what the fuss was all about. The tension begins at the start of the movie and doesn't let go until the ending credits roll up.

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Plot summary: A group of teenagers pick up a stranger that is walking aimlessly on the road. They wind up trapped inside a macabre house where they become victims of torture by a cannibalistic family. One of the characters is named Leatherface - the most demented member of the family who just happens to own a rusty chainsaw that he likes to use on others.

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