Travel Toiletry Bags

Dopp kits by another name


Mens travel toiletry bags, which are also called Dopp kits, are bags that sit on the counter and hold toiletries. These are different from hanging toiletry bags.

Dopp kits are made from a variety of materials. These include nylon, leather, canvas, vinyl, and other fabrics. Because the bag sits on the counter, it has a high probability of getting wet - so the choice of material is very important. Leather is a natural choice for water resistance, and we have a separate page for leather Dopp kits.

Water resistance is not just important for keeping your toiletries dry. Perhaps more importantly, you don't want your toiletries to leak onto your clothes. When flying, pressure changes inside containers of shampoo or other liquids could cause ruptures. That could inconvenience, or even ruin, your trip.

When selecting a toiletry bag for a man, some other features you'll want to consider include physical size and the number of compartments. Most Dopp kits have approximately the same physical size and dimensions, but occasionally you'll find a particularly small or large one.

Many Dopp kits have only one large compartment. A small variation to this design is to have a zippered bottom area. Others divide the large space in half, and have two separate zippered areas.

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