Stingray Wallet

A Durable and Stylish Wallet for Him


A stingray wallet combines style, durability and beauty into a single package. One of these would make a very cool gift. These wallets don't look like a typical wallet - they get noticed!

Stingray leather is made from the skin of a stingray. The skin is ground down to make a smooth surface that has a beautiful pearl-like pattern. The wallet is dyed in some parts to create the design you see on the wallet.

The benefits of a wallet made from stingray leather are:

  • Naturally water resistant - great for guys that sweat a lot when they work or anyone who gets caught in the rain.
  • Tough and durable - this wallet will last for many years.
  • Unusual and stylish - Much more interesting than the typical leather wallet.

Reviewers on Amazon have been overwhelmingly delighted with these wallets. One person bought 4 of the same wallet, and gave 3 away as gifts! Most reviews have been very positive. Here's what a few of them had to say.

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