Money Clip Wallets

Sleek Alternative to Bulky Wallets


Sleek money clip wallets are becoming a new trend in wallets. They are light and comfortable to carry - if you don't need to carry everything with you.

Unlike credit card wallets, which have 10-20 slots for credit cards, these wallets have only one slot. You can put a driver's license and a few credit cards in the slot. On the outside of the wallet is a money clip for holding cash.

These wallets are meant to be carried in the front pocket, without the gigantic and ugly bulge a bifold would create.

Some models use a magnetic clip composed of two magnets embedded in leather. Others use a small, strong steel clip under leather. Both types have their fans.

For guys that like to have everything with them in their wallet, this kind of wallet is obviously not for everyday use. But they could still use it when traveling.

Using it for travel has some advantages:

  • Lighter and slimmer than a regular wallet. When traveling, you may not need a lot of the things you carry around every day like video rental cards, frequent shopper cards, etc.
  • Fits nicely in the front pocket. He'll be more comfortable for those hours spent driving or sitting on a plane.
  • Front pocket wallets are less likely to be stolen by pickpockets.

Even if he has a great wallet for every day use, this kind of wallet still makes an excellent gift.

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