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This is a very different alien invasion movie, from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan. 'Signs' is a story about a father who will do anything to keep his children and brother safe amidst extra-terrestrial attacks. After losing his religious faith a few years ago because of his wife's tragic death, he finds out that having a little bit of it is enough to keep his family alive during terrible times.

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Instead of seeing a worldwide catastrophe due to a bombardment of laser beams from flying saucers, you watch a family cope and try to survive while invaders from another planet are roaming outside their very house. This movie is refreshing because there are no dazzling special effects, but it still has the scare factor that will thrill and surprise you while watching. Also stars Joacquin Phoenix and Rory Culkin, who thankfully was not home alone. Great movie!

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