Large Toaster Oven

The best toaster oven for everyday use


A large toaster oven makes a great addition to any kitchen. Its large size makes it the best toaster oven choice for everyday use. With a large capacity toaster oven, you may not need your "regular" full size oven again. You can cook almost anything in it, except the Thanksgiving turkey.

Because the dimensions of toaster ovens vary greatly, we had to pick a simple way to determine if a toaster oven was a "large" or "small" toaster oven. Any toaster oven that can accommodate a 12" pizza is considered large. If it cannot hold a 12" pizza, then it is small.

What can you fit into a large toaster oven? How about a whole chicken and a couple of baking potatoes? Or a frozen pizza? Some extra large models can cook two frozen pizzas at once, or two whole chickens at once!

These ovens cook as well as full size ovens, but they use less energy. They save you money - especially in the summer when that extra heat from a full size oven makes the air conditioner come on.

These toaster ovens not only save you money, they save you time. First, because the interior is smaller than a regular oven, it heats up faster. Preheating takes very little time. Second, it's also easier to clean because there's less surface area.

Many of these larger models are also convection toaster ovens. With the convection feature, food cooks more evenly with less energy. The rule of thumb is to lower the temperature by 25 degrees and cook the food for the same time you would in a non-convection oven.

Before you make your selection, think about what foods will usually be cooked in the toaster oven. A few models are specialized.

Pizza Toaster Oven

A pizza toaster oven is shaped to hold pizzas. Some hold two pizzas at once. If cooking more than one pizza at a time is important, this is the oven for you.

Rotisserie Toaster Oven

A rotisserie toaster oven is used for cooking chickens on a rotisserie using a broiler - like the chicken you might buy at the deli of your local grocery store.

Large toaster ovens come in a wide range of prices. Some are intended for certain specialties, like cooking pizzas or broiling foods. We've selected some models with excellent toaster oven reviews for you to consider.

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