First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Paper anniversary gifts for him


If you want traditional first anniversary gift ideas, think "paper". The first anniversary is the paper anniversary.

Lucky for you, paper is everywhere. With a little imagination, you'll have no problem thinking of paper anniversary gift ideas. But you don't have to think them up all by yourself. We've got our own list of paper anniversary gifts for him.

When you're buying wedding anniversary gifts for men, don't get him something silly and useless. Just because novelty paper made from elephant poop is a "paper" gift, that doesn't make it a good anniversary present for him. You know what I mean?

Your one year anniversary gifts should be meaningful. Remember, you've got your whole lives ahead of you. Celebrate your first year together with thoughtful, tasteful gifts. By selecting one of our traditional wedding anniversary gifts for him, you're sure to pick a winner.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Paper Wedding Anniversary

10 - Help Him Get Organized

Here's a first anniversary gift idea that could help him get organized.

Does he forget important events? Does he have trouble managing his time effectively? Help him get organized with a calendar, a day planner, or both.

A wall calendar, hung where he sees it often, can help him remember when important things are scheduled. If he works in an office environment, a desk calendar is a nice gift, too. Personally, I'm a fan of the Dilbert daily calendar.

A day planner is another option. I know a lot of people prefer to use software to organize their days, but many people still like to use pen and paper. If that's his style, a nice day planner could be perfect for him.

9 - Catch a Game

Tickets are made of paper. Seeing a baseball game or other sporting event is a great first year anniversary gift. You get to enjoy a night out together, and it's something fun for both of you.

A variation on this idea is to give him a sports photo album with tickets to a sporting event inside. Tell him that you'll take pictures at the game, and put them in the album.

8 - Best Romantic Memories

A photo album has paper pages inside, and the photos are made of paper. So it fits into our list of traditional anniversary presents. You can use it an at least two different ways.

For this idea, put together a romantic photo album for him. Include pictures of the months leading up to the wedding, the big day, and the fun times on your honeymoon.

One tip - everybody knows the wedding is all about the girl. When you put the photo album together, choose photos of the things most important to him.

7 - Oh, the Places You'll Go!

You both like to travel? Start planning your next big adventure together. This package of two items makes a great anniversary gift for a man that loves to travel.

First is the book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. It's loaded with cool places to go. Second, get a travel journal to record your experiences while they happen. Take it with you while you explore and write in it as you go.

6 - Where In the World Have We Been?

Get a world wall map. You can put push pins in all the locations where you've been together. You can also use different colored push pins for places you are planning to go.

5 - Romantic Meals for Two

Forget going out for dinner - make it yourself and enjoy the experience together. To make sure your evening together is wonderful, this first anniversary gift idea features some hand-selected cookbooks for couples.

4 and 3 - Two New Ways to Entertain

You are both fun and outgoing people with lots of friends. You like to have people over to your place for food, drinks and party games. Make your next party even better with something new. Here are two first anniversary gift ideas with an entertainment theme.

Impress your friends with some new drinks at your next party.

Try a new game with your friends.

2 - Art for Men

Another first anniversary gift idea - help him decorate his office or "man cave".

A nice piece of framed art for the office or the "man cave" makes a great gift. Pick a subject that he likes - sports, dogs, travel, beer, etc. Then browse to find something nice.

1 - Separate Journeys, Together At Last!

We saved the best for last. It's another photo gift idea - but this one is truly special. It's the most romantic idea from our list of first year anniversary gifts.

Fill a photo album with photos of your lives before you met, starting with your baby pictures.

On each page, use the left column for his photos, and the right column for your photos. So page 1 shows pictures of both of you as babies, page 2 shows both of you as toddlers, etc.

The last page of the album has pictures of your wedding day - together at last. Beautiful, isn't it?

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! We hope our traditional anniversary gift ideas for men helped you select something special for him.

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