Eel Skin Wallet

Smooth and Exceptionally Strong Wallet


An eel skin wallet has a silky texture, and is made from supple and incredibly strong leather.

Wallets made from eel skin are popular because of their nice qualities. Eel skin leather has a silky texture, and feels very smooth. Eel skin leather is also tougher than cowhide leather.

Eel skin is durable and nearly trouble free, but here are a few tips to keep your wallet looking its best:

  • If it gets wet, it will have a different color - until it dries. Just relax and let it dry.
  • When stained with ink, try to gently erase it with a pencil eraser.
  • If you get oil on it, apply rubber cement sparingly to the stain. Let it dry, then gently peel it off. You may have to do this more than once.

Eel skin was once believed to demagnetize credit cards, but that myth was disproved.

Contrary to popular belief, eel skin doesn't actually come from eels. Eel skin is made from Pacific Hagfish, a slimy fish which only looks like an eel. Still, who really wants to say "Hagfish skin", right?

Armed with this information, you are certain to entertain your guests at your next cocktail party.

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