Ducti Wallet

The Duct Tape Wallet that Never Dies


A Ducti wallet is made from their own specially made super duct tape, which Ducti guarantees never to lift, peel or get sticky. Who would have thought of using duct tape as a replacement for leather? It's Ducti.

Do you want a cool gift idea for someone special? Is he tired of leather wallets because they get all scratched up and ugly looking? Then maybe his next wallet should be made from duct tape.

Aside from their 100% duct tape designs, Ducti also have hybrid wallets that feature super duct tape with the addition of stitching and other materials that allowed creating more unique designs.

The best thing about wallets from Ducti is their lifetime warranty. To get a replacement, you'll just need to return the old wallet and just a small amount for shipping and that's it - it will be replaced! As Ducti has said, "If your wallet ever wears out or you're not stoked for any reason we'll hook you up with a new one".

Dude! Hook me up!

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