Dockers Wallet

Perfect with Khakis


A Dockers wallet is the perfect wallet to go with khakis.

Since its launch in 1986, Dockers became the fastest growing clothing brand in history in over a year. The name "Dockers" is synonymous with "khakis". Although khakis are what they are most known for, the company has expanded to making products to go with khakis - like these wallets.

Dockers brand provides an alternative to formal attire. With more comfortable, modern and stylish clothing and accessories, the office workers and professionals of today can be relaxed and still look good.

Their wallets have a classic and simple design which will appeal to most men. The top grain leather lives up to the classic Dockers brand name. Reasonably priced, these wallets are very affordable.

The Dockers brand is owned by Levi Strauss & Company.

Here are some testimonies from satisfied Dockers customers.

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