Credit Card Wallet

Organizing Credit Cards in a Fashionable Way


A credit card wallet is a long (tall) wallet with many slots for credit cards. Some hold 20 or more credit cards. With people carrying so many credit cards today, it's surprising this kind of wallet isn't more popular.

In addition to the slots for credit cards, these wallets usually have places for a driver's license, cash, and receipts. They make it easy to find anything in the wallet quickly, without having to sit on a thick wallet.

Although some are longer than the bifold or trifold styles, they are usually less than 1 inch thick when fully loaded. That will help his pants pocket last longer, and help prevent lower back pain that can come from sitting on a fat wallet.

A short one may hold 10 credit cards and still fit nicely in the back pocket of jeans or kakis. It's only a little taller than a standard bifold.

Longer ones that hold 20 cards fit nicely inside the jacket pocket in a suit, but could fall out (or get stolen) from a typical pair of jeans. If he spends a lot of time wearing a suit, a long wallet for his credit cards would make a great gift. It looks much more sophisticated than the usual bifold or trifold.

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