Black Toaster Oven

A great gift idea for him


A black toaster oven could be a great gift idea for him. Of all the toaster ovens that passed our screening tests, the main colors were black, stainless steel, or a combination of both. When it comes to selecting colors for appliances, it's clear that people like black.

Black appliances are a popular choice for many reasons. You know how black is a slimming color on people? Well, it works for appliances too. A black countertop toaster oven appears smaller than its actual size. Because the best toaster ovens sit on the counter and are pretty big, that could be an important feature.

Black appliances are often described as sleek or sharp. Black is an elegant color that goes well with any other color. Many modern homes have white cabinets and / or a white kitchen island. Black makes a sharp contrast that some people really like.

Black doesn't show dirt very well, so it's easier to keep your toaster oven looking clean. Of course, you should still actually clean it once in a while.

If you are getting him a toaster oven, black is a good color choice. Here are some of the models that passed our screening tests.

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