Aluminum Wallet

Some Advantages vs. Leather Wallets


An aluminum wallet? Why?

Wallets made from aluminum or steel offer some great advantages over leather wallets:

  • Identity theft protection (yes, you read that right!)
  • Very lightweight - won't weigh him down
  • Durable - lasts for a long time
  • Strong - protects contents from being crushed or bent

OK, what's this about identify theft protection? Some wallets made from aluminum or steel have enough metal in them to prevent scanning your credit cards with an RFID scanner. Make sure the one you are interested in lists this feature in its product description.

As technology becomes cheaper, theft of your personal information with RFID scanners will happen more often. RFID technology is used for a variety of purposes - credit cards, passports, and even hotel room keys that you "scan" to enter the room. I predict wallets like these will become very common in the future for this reason alone.

These wallets are also lightweight. However, most aren't as big as a regular wallet and can't hold as much stuff - which is a potential deal breaker for some people.

Durability varies by brand and model, so make sure you read reviews from other people on before making a purchase.

One thing that's really cool is they come in a variety of colors. With most leather wallets, you get black or some shade of brown. Now you can own a wallet that is blue, purple, or red - whatever color you like.

There are some real advantages to an aluminum wallet, but they don't look much like a "normal" wallet. If you want a wallet that looks more like a bifold, consider one constructed from steel fibers.

As a gift, this is definitely not for everyone. But some guys will love it.

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