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Pick from my birthday gift ideas for him.

16th birthday gift idea

You're going to find a great 16th birthday gift idea right here. But first, let's think back to that time in your own life.

Do you remember what life was like when you were 16? It's a big deal for a young man. Lots of things are happening in his life. He's getting a drivers license, thinking about girls all the time, and - most importantly - wanting to look cool. Keep this in mind when considering birthday presents for him.

Your mission is to find cool birthday gifts and pick something he'll like. If you know what things he's interested in, that's a lot easier. But if you don't, then consider gifts that will be appreciated by any 16 year old.

Top 10 Gifts for 16 Year Old Guys

  1. Electric Razor
  2. If he's not already shaving, he will be soon. Consider a cool electric razor for him. It's practical, and is a bit of an ego boost.

  3. Watch
  4. Because smart phones are everywhere today and they have clocks built in, a watch isn't a necessity. It's really a piece of jewelry for him. So get one that's eye-catching, so he'll be proud to wear it. Fossil watches for men are cool, yet not too pricey.

  5. Video Game
  6. A great 16th birthday present is a video game. Make sure you know what gaming system he has first (Xbox, Wii, Playstation, PC, etc.) before you buy. Find out what game he wants but doesn't already have.

  7. Headphones
  8. A nice pair of headphones for working out is a great 16th birthday gift idea. They should use the mini-plug for MP3 players, and be resistant to sweat.

  9. Dopp kit
  10. If you travel - even just for an occasional overnight - you need a Dopp kit. A leather dopp kit looks nice and can sit on the counter. But you may want to get a hanging toiletry bag. They are usually made of nylon and can be washed if necessary.

  11. Wallet
  12. Is he still using a wallet with Velcro? He's growing up now, so it's time to get a cool wallet.

  13. Amazon Kindle
  14. If he likes to read, this is a great gift. With an Amazon Kindle, he can take his books with him anywhere he goes.

  15. Cool shirt
  16. Who doesn't need a cool shirt? Either a nice one for school, or one just for working out.

  17. Backpack or duffel bag
  18. He's mobile, and he has stuff to carry. Perfect! Find out what he needs to carry and get a bag that matches his needs. You can get him a mesh backpack for school, or a camping backpack if he likes to go camping. You could also get him a laptop backpack, if he has a laptop computer but no bag for it.

  19. Amazon gift card
  20. When all else fails, go with an Amazon gift card. You just pick the amount you want to give, and then purchase the card. It shows you put some more thought into the gift than just giving him some cash. You can choose from different delivery methods, including email, printing it yourself (great for last minute gifts), or receiving a card in the mail.

So go ahead and pick a gift. He's going to love it.

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